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first impression of this episode will be : "ah! it'll be a boring episode... only two people talking from beginning until the end"

honestly, I love this episode.... I can't hold myself but laughing when I see Chitanda and Oreki's blushing face.... Oreki finally can smile.... and that scene when Oreki read the newspaper.. hahaha!!! you got a talent, boy! How come you can solve something like that with only sitting and chatting with your "future wife" (hopefully)
it's so funny if we think how Chitanda can push Oreki until he really use his best theory to solve the crime... although his first intention is to make some 'trolling bluff' for destroying Chitanda's expectation and hope toward him

Ship is sailing ~~~
Oreki should moving little forward when Chitanda approach him.... and we'll see a surprised kiss under sunset while alone in club room

preview : Date arc still continuing.... daaawww...~~ New Year episodeee
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