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Originally Posted by TheShinySword View Post
That would be totally insane and we'd explode.

And I'd definitely not do imagine something like that and write it down...

Spoiler for Definitly nothing related to Nyan:

Spoiler for In case you have no idea what the Nyan dance is:
If only... If only...

Originally Posted by Satashi View Post
TSS, you made me laugh a lot ^_^ a Sataurial short! I'm flattered!

Oh, BTW,

Dream Wing:

So, it begins now. Solid chapter and is bound to get a lot better. Nothing special in this chapter tho

Originally Posted by Satashi View Post
edit: I have Angel's halo for the weekend 0: D
What did you do?

Originally Posted by Evangelion Xgouki View Post
I...I just had the sudden urge to do this...

Spoiler for Phantom of the Lyrical:

Don't hurt me!!

Once in a life time story/inspiration. Glad it span out something like this

<--- Loves the Phantom

Originally Posted by Satashi View Post
Requesting help on Dream Wing here........

Spoiler for Mai-Otome Question:
Speaking of time-jumping. Would it hurt to get teen-Vivio there?

Originally Posted by TheShinySword View Post
Annnnnnnnddddddd it's chapter 3 of Bodyguard!Nanoha. I'm sorry that this chapters entire purpose is is to lead to the next chapter really ><.
Spoiler for Bodyguard!Nanoha Ch 3:

Spoiler for Note:

Parts 1+2

Edit: Page claim for AU's

Edit: Fixxed some formatting issues -_- so if you read it and got confused please check it over again.
Vivio is so cwute

Originally Posted by Kai the Reaper View Post
I'm done with the third and fourth chapters. XD This was originally intended to be only one chapter, but I decided to cut it into two to keep it similar to the first two and to make it easier to read. Enjoy I guess.

Spoiler for [Medieval!Nanoha] Chapter 3:

Spoiler for [Medieval!Nanoha] Chapter 4:

Spoiler for Notes::
I'm still a bit disappointed of Arf losing her kemonomimi characteristics but some things can't be helped

Chrono evil? About time this happened
TSAB semi-openly evil? Half way from the closet
And Lindy as the mastermind? Fabulous I could say

Although I do expect some things to be different than they seem now but this turn sure makes things interesting

Originally Posted by Satashi View Post
Actually it's an old one 0:3
Spoiler for special:
I didn't even realize I had been Rick Roll'd until I read other people's comments

That big text was too small for me

Originally Posted by TheShinySword View Post
OoO Darn it Rick rolled again!!!!

I like the new/not really new sig. Yuuno needs some lovin'

Edit: Page claim for
Spoiler for Surprise:

Edit2: Made the surprise better
That's the thing I hate about Rick Rolling. They're so undodgeable

Originally Posted by Satashi View Post
Since we're doing youtube, here's the muppets singing the Nanoha opening.

Spoiler for NanoFate:

Spoiler for Saved by the Bell and muppets:
Although this was just too obvious

Fate needs to be pwnd more often if the reaction is such a cute one

Originally Posted by ghazghkull View Post

I HATE YOU!!!!!! ><
Bad memories?

Originally Posted by Satashi View Post
Dream wing future glimpse!

Spoiler for :D:
Pipiru piru piru pipiru pi

Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
Returning home is not the right way to describe it, but as you stand on the bridge of the Star Destroyer, a wave of nostalgia does hit you. The same view of a planet viewed from outer space, the same bridge with its lowered areas, where people are still buzzing around wildly handling the large ship. As you look up from the crew area, you are greeted by a familiar face.

"Yo!" Keroko greets you. "Welcome back, it has been a while hasn't it? How about we do a little re-capturing of the events before we continue on?

When we left of, Nanoha had just transferred to a new school, and had made a few friends around class. However, the next day she was struck with realization that her family had now moved away to a different country while she had remained, and was struck with homesickness. Fate was willing to help, but Nanoha being Nanoha, she wormed her way around, not wanting to worry her friend too much. Later on she remembered she had recieved an invite from Hayate to come over and eat when she wanted to, the choices represented were as followed:

A.) I’ll go buy ingredients and cook myself a nice meal.
B.) … Hayate practically invited me over tonight; I can’t really decline, can I?
C.) A meal at Hayate’s place sounds nice.
D.) I’m going to take a nice stroll through town, and order some takeout at the end of the day.

The winning option was B. Now, I will be cheating a bit and warn you that you have fallen into the author's trap." Keroko turns to glare at one of the officers standing on the higher grounds, but the officer quickly leaves the bridge to avoid her wrath.

"He does that sometimes, creating situations which can be viewed as both good and bad. Like I warned you last time: The choices you make determine Nanoha's emotions and motivations. However, Nanoha's emotions aren't like a TV you can switch through, once she is feeling happy its harder to let her feel down and vice versa. Right now though, you have send her to Hayate out of a sense of duty, hardly a mood for a comfortable dinner. You will have to work hard and see through the author's traps. Don't be afraid to leap into the unknown or take risky actions, you never know where you may end up."

Keroko clasps her hands and cracks her knuckles as she begins to walk into the direction where the officer disapeared to. "That will be all for now. Excuse me while I go hunt down Keroko-kun and pin him down to finish the next installment of Raising Heart.
I knew that was the trap! People! We do not stand alone in this fight. We do not play for ourselves but against Keroko. We must stand together to dodge traps and aim for the harem/incest/shota/loli/bestiary/yuri ending or preferably all at once

Originally Posted by ghazghkull View Post


If you can't read Japanese hiragana, your problem :3
Somebody has reeeeally bad memories of being Rolled

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