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As what ROOTS says, it's going to be biased a little so take everything with a grain of salt.

Eastern: Some shows are more realistic and has some semblance to real life. Graphics are more smooth while western is more ruggid.

Western: Less to do with culture and more "fake" and deals more with comedy than real life. It' is like an escape.

For example, for a Western culture which is supposed to be more open many issues (family problems, underage sex, prostitution, rape, etc) are not shown while eastern (closed) shows this from show to show.

Eastern also allows for the audience to draw their own conclusions to how things should work out while Western guides you in hand. For example, Eastern animation does not always provide you with a "cinderella ending" - happy ever after" while western ties everything all nice an neat. Western also has the "disney" effect where everything works out ok and the good guys always wins.

I did a paper similar to yours and I would recommend you take a look more from psychology as to why animation is affecte by culture. You will see how culture plays into these themes.

As to where I'm from
- this week, I'm in Seattle,WA. Next week I will be in Chiba, Japan and the following month in Taipei. Sorry, I do not really have a perm home since I travel 75% of the time. Pick one of them and you will get it right :P

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