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Originally Posted by Tiresias View Post
It's...practically the majority of magical girl series, now that I think about it. And Guilty Crown
Girls don't need sweaty training arcs

Originally Posted by Tiresias View Post
Hmm, now that I think about it, I think my description got a bit muddled back there. What I was trying to say is that recent animes seems to lack "professional" heroes (I might be using the wrong word here, so feel free to give an alternative), as in those who becomes the best at their field because of training and experience, not because of some random plot item of awesome.

For example, Noa Izumi from Patlabor--her ride is not exceptionally powerful or anything, but she's a hardworking pilot. Same with Hikaru from Macross--he spent half of the story using the same fighter as anyone else, and while he never become as good as Max he's still one of the most reliable pilot in the setting. Or maybe Isamu from Macross Plus--he gets a spiffy mech, true, but that's because he's proven his worth when using ordinary war machines in the first place. Sagara Sousuke is a borderline case due to the Lambda driver, but considering the skilful way he used a previous generation mech he qualifies.

Earned, not given.

Badass normal? Partially, I guess. When everybody else can use say, cybernetics or magic, the meaning of normal could shift. Hei from Darker than Black could use that electricity thingy, for instance, but he's already feared without it. And I forgot whether Spike for Cowboy Bebop has cybernetic augmentations (it's been a while), but that stuff is common anyway, and yet he's one of the best.

I get what you mean, but in my experience most characters that do get their powers from destiny or from luck or from blood, don't automatically make them the best of the best. It gives them an edge and makes them special, but they don't go straight to the top- there's always some training arc or something... Or they just remain at that level.

(Though mecha is probably the obvious exception)

Or that the power they get is only useful for special case and doesn't really help them in the frontline battles eg. Lelouch's Geass.
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