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Over 5,800 Smelly Otaku Trying to Make It Big Writing Young Adult Novels

Case in point: Stories are now being written by fans of fans of fans of actual authors, who simply lack outside perspective. And the publishing industry is going along with it, because they too are fans, working as their editors! I was excited by the prospect of works such as Hasekura's Spice & Wolf, but that was just an exception. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu is worthless in today's light novel playing field.

So that's one large part of anime today. The other are original anime stories. Some have had success, but the original anime route is admittedly a last resort of sorts, because the industry is running out of GOOD stories to adapt. Think back a few paragraphs.... 5800 FUCKING ENTRIES FOR A SINGLE CONTEST. And none of them were good enough to take the place of a future light novel adaptation that looks like the next Seitokai no Ichizon? (not to say Seizon was any good)

Who's to blame? Certainly not moe anime, as they're just an expression of Japanese society. So basically it comes down to whether or not you have the patience to wait for the next Madoka to come by and weather through those 5800 seedy novels that will eventually all be made into anime (because Japan is on the brink of creative bankruptcy). This has always been the case for anime, I'm afraid.
thank you for writing your post out. this really answers a thought of mine i had a couple of months back when i got back into the world of anime. the animes and manga which truly impressed me was ano hi mita, steins;gate, Gundam 00 (first season), and shingeki no kyojin since i came back. the rest i've come across are just so generic to me at best in terms of how to write a story. i literally thought "Where are these companies hiring these writers from?! It lacks imagination or does not even attempt to make its story stand out more from the rest of the competition. I'm seeing the usual stuff over and over again." and now it all makes sense.

it is perhaps like you said of "Stories are now being written by fans of fans of fans of actual authors, who simply lack outside perspective" and these fans try to take most of the elements from the author they like and just make a few changes to the story and characters. it is like they don't even bother trying to read other literature works to get a different perspective of how to write an even better story.
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