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Originally Posted by Sheba View Post
It's not so different from the Lord of the Rings or Eragon cheap knockoffs that regularly find their way to the shelves through self-publishing or vanity press. Not like I am defending those. Like Kuroneko in OreImo episode 8, I feel something between anger and contempt toward those authors who gets their way while I struggle to make my story stand out and maturate.
You know, when I originally saw that episode, I thought Kirino's book getting animated was a ridiculous plot twist, but when I actually stop and think about it, there's a lot of commentary there. It's too bad the episode as a whole wasn't that enjoyable.

(There's also a certain irony in that this comes from a series that gave me one of the most annoying cases of trope driven character derailment I care to think of - the yanderification of Ayase.)

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