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Originally Posted by Renall View Post
Aura thought most of this up but from what I recall the twins are George's and Battler Jr. is Ange's.

I don't know exactly how Yasu has kids with both Jessica and George. Magic~.
Well in Shannon's case it's easy, she just asked Rudolf to "help" her with the magical apperance of a baby, he's an expert on that field, and he's quite good at "dealing" with doctors.

Does Yasu have mangled genitals in this universe too? Because if the answer is no then Kanon just did it the right way. In case he can't procreate either, well then obviously someone else ingravidated Jessica. This could have happened in various ways......

The big question here is... how in the world George and/or Jessica didn't notice a thing? I mean in bed... Because since they are married... unless Yasu claimed to have made a chastity vote or something... but wait that's wrong...

Shannon: "I'm pregnant"
George: "But we never did it!"
Shannon: "It was the holy spirit!"

Another possibility is that Yasu used body doubles!

Shannon: "I'm shy... let's turn off the lights"
George: "Okay..."
George: "Shannon... is that you?"
Double: "Of course it's me! Silly!"
George: "Your voice is different..."
Double: "Shut up and kiss me!"

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