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Originally Posted by Orange Duke View Post
What is that supposed to imply about my ability as a writer T_T

But sure, go ahead. Duke and Grande were very good comrades in their earlier days, so it could be possible, though I would scale Duke's level to be the same as Grande's as both reached level 7 at the same time. If Grande is level 3 in your fanfic then that's fine.

One thing to note is that Duke left before Falcon became the first Disaster.

Feel free to ask if you have any inquiries about Duke himself (gawd it looks like I'm talking in third-person here lol).
Nothing, but I'm asking for permission to use your OC. I'd want people to ask me for permission to use my OC as well. Or at least try. :P

As for timeframe..well, that's a problem. The setting is about six months after the first Disaster was killed, so I put Grande's level as 5, one of the highest at that point. So..not sure how you're taking this.

Originally Posted by Sunder the Gold View Post

And how does that build on the above ideas, which all use long-reaching abilities? If she's basically a feminine Sand Duct, she's Yellow, not Green.
Close range magic is by nature indirect, i...guess?

Maybe I should develop the idea a little more, your Tornado gave me an idea.

In battle, she doesn't have weapons, but rather she uses close-range magical attacks. Think Blizzard, Fire, the likes. Elemental affinities are another issue, so later. Her special move is Tornado/Cyclone. Damage is a given unless you're right next to her.

In tag teams and in the UNF, however, she gets a move that can cast a buff on an ally.

That makes her Green as a result. I have no idea how her avatar will be like...but it will be leaning more towards a loli avatar, not a genderbent Sand Duct
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