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Originally Posted by MakubeX2 View Post
Actually this is where all the elements of the Nasu-verse stems from. A loser of a guy living with a strong willed long haired female and her dark weak willed sister in a huge mansion.

But I don't expect the original prototype to be good since he wrote it back in his student days and distribute about 10 copies to his closest friends for opinions.

Now that he has drag the entire thing out into the open, I believe that Nasu had done some massive improvement to the writings. It will be interesting if someone had obtained a original copy to see how bad Nasu was after the release of this.

But the main issue I have with this announcement is not whether Nasu is/was a good/bad writer, but why is TM dragging out his old titles for sale ? Don't they have enough faith in him in producing a new piece of work ?

If they are not confident in him, why don't they train/recruit a new writer ? Or perhaps TM has already had this in mind and is using Nasu's old works for testing ground with edits done by somebody new.
Mahou Tsukai no Yoru is considered one of Nasu's best works, though I wish he would do something with Angel Notes, V.V and Godo are IMO some of the best characters he created.

As for getting a new writer TM would never do that as TM is Nasu's and Takeuchi's company

Also the text says:


In the mansion on the top of a slope, two witches are living

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