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Originally Posted by ReddyRedWolf View Post
Is he even deserving the rival status anymore?

Kenichi is milking Tanimoto's doubleface weakness for all its worth.

For all intents and purposes he is Honoka's slave. (Probably gonna take after her mother when they're married.)

Oh how the mighty have fallen.
My thoughts exactly if he doesn't get a serious fight pretty soonish he's going to be reduced to nothing more than a joke character.

I was also thinking to myself that Kensei is something of a bastard and seems to have recieved no reprimand at all for his behaviour. Leaving a school is fine because it probably got so big he couldn't close it without creating bigger waves than he'd like but leaving his family. When Renka was introduced he didn't even seem to recognise her which suggests he left quite a while ago. It'd be fine if left when his kids were all considered adults at least in the legal sense but seeing as Renka hasa younger brother as well he just left them at the time when he should have been around. A lot of people are calling Dragon a jerk for leaving his kids but at least he had a better reason than Kensei. I hope Renka tells her mother about Ryozanpaku and she comes and drags Kensei kicking and screaming back to China so that when he leaves this time at least he'll have their blessing.
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