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Well, we have to wait a week before the Takeda/Kenichi sparing commences. I do hope that the manga gives a positive portrail to boxing as Takeda now has both arms to use this time round. If Takeda is made to have improved immensely, then I think he would be ablt to hold his own against one of YOMI. As for the rest of the Shinpaku alliance, I hope that in the upcoming chapters that the others are given time to improve before the inevitable battle. Speaking of the YOMI fights, does anyone want to guess who will get pair up to fight with. The Rachel/Renka match is pretty much a lock due to the fan service that can be milked from that fight, and the Kenichi/Tirwat rematch is probably going to happen soon. I am just wondering if Tanimoto is going to be given a person from YOMI to fight with.
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