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If you're talking about emotionally scarred, I never had the impression Renka emotionally missed him rather that she was pissed that he ignored his responsibilities.

And imo a man should live how he wants to live anyway. We hardly know anything about Kensei's family circumstances. And imo Kensei is at Ryozonpaku to fight Yomi which makes him a noble warrior of justice! Don't be so fast to judge since we still haven't had a story of how he winded up at Ryozonpaku.
Aman should also honour his commitments and responsibilities. Renka isn't emotionally scarred because the mangaka didn't want her to be but the fact she went to all this trouble and seems to have made Ryou Ma a replacement father figure suggests she craves a father in her life. The actions of parents have affected kids in this manga for a while Miu was affected and Shigure was affected and now suddenly the influence of parents is passed over.

Tbh both their reasons seem similar, to fight the big bad of their world. Dragon => WG, Kensei => Yomi. But in both cases we have hardly any details.
So far as I can see before the YOMI arc started nobody had any plans on fighting YOMI but rather they were content to exist in a state of Cold War. I haven't seen it stated anywhere that Kensei left to fight Yomi or that fighting YOMI is even a significant goal in his life.
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