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Originally Posted by 0utf0xZer0 View Post
Actually, Enishi's character does develop this episode - he demonstrates a sense of responsibility for his actions. That's generally a well respected trait, probably even more so in Japan then the west. The problem is that it gets overshadowed by the pool scene, which hams up his pathetic side.

(The scam is also too obvious to the audience, although that's a relatively minor issue from my perspective).
I can understand what they were going for... But when you have a very unsympathetic character (For me and many others at this point) going around failing the entire series with his little ideas the whole time, and then in an arc devoted him to him exclusively have him fail once more on an even grander scale... It just paints his character as utterly incompetent, and he is further overwhelmed by the female cast around him.

In the end, he took responsibility for failing yet again, but what am I supposed to take from this? Cool he went on a wild goose chase and was man enough to admit he screwed up. So is the lesson that he should never do anything again? That he should always be on the side lines? I mean I don't get what the point of this arc was. I don't felt it did good for his character, rather it was just the opposite.
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