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It's interesting that some people felt that Enishi claimed responsibility for his actions. Watching the episode that I didn't receive any sort of impression of that at all. Everytime Takako tries to tell him it's his fault, he brings it back to a "we". It's as if hes afraid of the responsibility. Enishi was the one in charge, he was the one who had full control over the situation. He was the one who screwed up. And yet, even with the conversation with his mother, he takes full responsibility for Takako? This makes no sense to me. It's as if his mother is telling him it's not his fault but the fault of the "evil" woman beside you. Enishi needed to take a punishment for his actions, not Takako. The impression I received was Enishi didn't learn anything. It seems as if he's still incapable of coming to his own conclusions and uses others as a crutch.

This episode felt like it was trying to go somewhere and never did.

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