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An unofficial netplay patch has been released from 2ch! Link to patch here:

Follow these instructions to netplay:

1. Backup your save file and the main game exe. Readme says to do so in case of corruption.
2. Extract the zip into your Grief Syndrome directory
3. Run GSOnline. The host will need a port open (I put the port into the box ahead of time then hit the host button but I'm not sure if this is required) then clients will need to put the host's ip and the port.
4. After everyone's connected, press the Grief Syndrome button on the netplay program.

All players will use the controls set to their player one. Also for port, I used 6112 (the port since I already had it open). Only the host needs the port open and Hamachi does work for this. Just so everyone knows, the patch is kinda buggy and the netplay is also barely playable, as it is very laggy.
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