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Originally Posted by Guernsey View Post
what exactly is the kakera?
Ryukishi07 describes Kakera themselves simply as alternate worlds. It borrows from the multi-verse theory in physics that there may exist an infinite number of parallel universes separated by quantum mechanics. That is, for every conceivable variation (from the fundamental laws and nature of the universe to an ameba turning left instead of right), there is a different universe.

The Kakera-verse is simply Ryukishi07's vision of the multi-verse on a consciously manageable scale: an endless field of hand-sized crystals, each representing a different universe. For the sake of simplification, Ryukishi07 limits Rika's access of the multi-verse to that of her doubles' own lifetime and location (Since her consciousness technically inhabits whatever Rika that exists within a chosen Kakera, she is not able to travel before or after her lifetime, and she's also stuck in Hinamizawa.). Even with this limitation, each Kakera holds different decisions and circumstances, from something as small as Keiichi winning a club activity instead of Rena, to something as large as Akasaka or Keiichi never coming to Hinamizawa.
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