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I don't know about that, since in Canon there's no indication about the limitation of one-off ability besides it's activation (I look at you Houki )

On the other hand, in my verse there's strict limitation. For example, Reiryaku Byakuya has 1 minute overheating time, and 5 minute cool-down. And during it's activation Ichika is susceptible to physical attack.

Kenran Butou can only works once each 10 minute, and only used to refill one unit. Houki can turn her own barrier and using her floating shield drones to absorb energy attack, but like above she's vulnerable to physical strike.

In case of Azure breaker, the new ability allows Cecilia to see everything around, except one blind spot in the back of head. Allowing her to shoot any target in any position using Full burst and Flexible. The catch is that as usual the unit has to be immobilized, leaving her open for attack. (no points for whoever guessed what's the inspiration)
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