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@ Demi
Once again, my fanon has different take on it. For an I.S. pilot to see behind, she has to ditch her front side, to see upward, the pilot has tho ditch downward view.

Why I did this? because frankly Rin has no reason to panic as Ichika circled her and suddenly attack from behind, if she was ready and able to spot him all along via 360 degrees vision, she wouldn't be panic.

Because Impact cannon can shoot at all direction, all she need is to shoot backward.

Why? Because as canon states whatever delivered by the I.S. must be processed by human brain first. This is the true reason of Synchronization testing. The one with higher rank means it's easier to process the information for them.

@ Eras

For the Nth time I said I.S. outfit is able to hold light bullets.
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