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Oh my god that melting scene was so disgusting and over the top. Excellent nightmare sequence. Also, I don't really think Akazawa and Misaki did a good job of explaining how Sakakibara isn't the Another. I would still have doubts if I was in his situation.

Also, if that theory about Sakakibara being in Yomiyama over a year ago for his aunt's funeral turns out to be true, that would be a good explanation for why Akazawa knows him (via handshake, hahaha) but does not remember him. After all, Reiko would be the Another in that case, which would mean that all memories of Sakakibara's previous visit would have to be erased, not just his, but everyone else's as well. Not sure why he'd shake hands with Akazawa during that encounter, but it's certainly not impossible.
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