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Ryze is a one of the best 1v1 champions. His burst is really godly especially with his ult's low cool downs. If your a squishy a his ult + a rune prison will most likely kill you or reduce your health points. He scales off mana thats why you usually see him with a tear and a banshees. The reason they started to ban ryze is because ryze has been used a lot in one rank games. Hes really good in mid and hes really good against bruisers. In team fights if your clumped up together his boomerang will rip your team to shreds. Though with his ult it makes it possible. But you can always have better champions that go mid. But if you did a burst war between Cassiopia or Leblanc Ryze would lose. Ryze is good, but you always have better champions than him. Its just in tournaments they tend to ban champions to counter their opponent team or they ban their opponent's best champions.
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