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Originally Posted by Voxxen View Post
That is true...

But, at the exact moment the tape was going to confess its dearest holdings? (Note I do not imply the tape itself withheld information)

What makes me wonder is, if the tape was tampered with and that part of the tape had been wrote over? I think a cassette failing would be (choppy) or (scratchy) if you catch my drift >.>
Could just be the recording setup the guy used at the time. There was some static throughout the whole tape and his voice didn't sound crystal clear.

It's also possible that he didn't use a new tape, and instead used one he found. So, if he overwrote part of it with his recoding, the tape's quality would have been reduced greatly.

I'm not an expert at cassette or tape deterioration and the tape was so badly wrapped to begin with.
Dunno, it looked decent enough to me. The package doesn't really matter, as long as the tape was protected against moisture and light (which I think it was).

How come my duck tape comes off after a few years, but theirs lasts more than 14 years >.< (cheap brands maybe...)
I think it's because of moisture and dust that duck tape loosens. Either way, I think that this tape survived because the guy put it in a secure spot, where little light or dust could come in.

But, I'm pretty sure that the animation studio just put it in for plot-related reasons, not so much because they studied real-life cassette recorders and how well duck tape lasts, or something like that.
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