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And here I thought he (Kabuto) got his name from a pokemon, or a kamen rider series. But it does teach us the villains have teir reason for being evil. I mean, if it weren't for Iruka, Naruto could be the antagonist, and we'll start naming the series like "Rock Lee Shippuden" or something.

setting jokes aside, it was a really interesting chapter, though they could have introduced Kabuto's background story a while before the fight with the Uchiha brothers so we could have more action and fewer flashbacks. I can't wait for the next chapter.
Yeah even Kakuzu has a reason why he became a villain being that his village gave him a mission to kill the 1st hokage which he failed and the village treated him badly for this failure so he left and later joined Akatsuki.

Hidan and Deidara are the only important villains in Naruto who don't have a sad reason for why they went and became a villain that's if Tobi gets a sad flashback like Kabuto but hopefully Kishi would make it a interesting flashback.

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