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That Gree TV ad would've been ideal and therefore more appealing (and that was what I had in mind when the first announcement came), but for some reason the production committee figured that they want the character designs to be unique, to stand out (seems they really don't want a generic cookie-cutter design), to create a stark contrast between the characters and the dark/grim environment, and possibly as an attempt to attract a different demographic (especially non-fans), and so they hired Ebata for the job.

(Judging from the AKB documentary, their fans now also include children, which means I'm sure some of those kids are willing to stay up late just to watch.)

As for the "love letter" bit, I said it because regular fans would readily recognize everything that's presented in the show, but would require some non-fans to first learn a big deal of information before watching.

Got Sayaka, looks like she's the worst then >.>
Sayaka's the toughest girl within the group: black-belter, long-distance runner, starred in at least two action films... and has six-pack abs. But still she has a feminine side and is quite a friendly woman.

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