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Originally Posted by kitten320 View Post
Hmmm, heard about that one. Sadly in Uni we have to work with Maya. I heard 4D Cinema is better.
I haven't heard about Maya yet, but I heard that a lot people use Blender (free program) for 3D stuff. Also Photoshop CS6 is gonna have some 3D goodies too

Originally Posted by milan kyuubi View Post
Godlike1889 This is all just amazing (the c4d's, sigs etc) Big cookie for you, you little perv

So I hear you are about to become quite famous (The Posters/s). Just when you do become famous, don't forget about us here

Edit: Hey my cookie got you ninth doth! So what do you say?
That's mr. Perv for you bro. Thanks for the cookie, will munch on it when I do new animations/C4D stuff. Or when I am watching hawt girls fighting their clothes off D:
Oh and THANKS for the ninth doth! Finally got a slightly greener doth

Originally Posted by Rennir View Post
Nice job with the C4D project! It's spectacular haha. I'm looking forward to seeing more C4D projects from you! And don't forget to give abstract some love

As for your vert, a little more blending in the colors would be nice, but other than that, great job!
More C4D projects will come, when my laziness goes under 9000
I personally dislike the vertical sig, the render was difficult to work with for me. Next one will be much better I promise
...and I will definitely try out your tutorial, I freaking love the result! Respect for you bro, I am wayy too lazy to do tutorials D:

Originally Posted by Illusore View Post
Ooh, Sama's a perv not that I didn't already know that
I'll happily join the Perv Clan Me, my best friend, and my boyfriend are all very perverted, especially together.
The vertical sig is well done, especially the colors, and the poster thing looks good too. The current sig Ig uess I can't appreciate as much, probably due to fact that I'm female and not attracted to girls...especially with globe-sized boobs.

Good work as always though!
I already feel comfortable in the Perv clan As for the current signature, all the credit goes to milan_kyuubi, ma bro knows I digg them globes . Next time maybe some sexay nekomimies
Resource Package is done!
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