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Originally Posted by Tenchi Ryu View Post
DxD still has a main girl in Rias though. So she still feels like the "winner" even if he does get with all of them.

You got a few series where the chance is very likely (Sekirei, SnO, TLR etc) but Mangakas still seem scared to come out the norm with the choose a girl scenario. Its not even Harem in my opinion, but more of The Bachelor.
I don't know what SnO is, but in DxD he gets them all. Not sure how else you make a Harem end. And in Sekirei and TLR, there are main girls as well (Musubi and Lala).

Back on topic, will the next volume be an epilogue? Like a "where are they now", with short stories talking about each of the major characters?
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