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Originally Posted by NanoDesu View Post
For Japanese untranslated manga/novels/whatever at least, for the longest time I have used bk1, which recently merged with honto:

If you know the minimal amount of Japanese necessary to navigate the site, they're very reliable, and ship SAL/EMS to the US. And everything is MSRP sticker price so you know you're not paying a cent more than you should be. For people who buy high volume, they also have lots of good promotions in place (for example, buy more than 10k yen and get a 1k yen coupon for your next purchase).

Super recommended.

The other source I sometimes use when I want a used complete set of something for relatively cheap is yahoo Japan auctions (with a deputy service)... but that place is a huge crapshoot.
I second this. Note that the coupon only lasts to the end of the next month after the order is delivered (if points are assigned in June, you have till end of July), so if you combine preorders, that's normally fine if you order in bulk every 3 months like I do. I'm most impressed with their packaging: always perfect!
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