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Originally Posted by xxnike629xx View Post
1. You need to have the expensive tools. The quality difference is noticeable.
- Tamiya Hard File Pro
- Tamiya Modeler's Knife Pro
- Tamiya Modeler's Side Cutter
... If you're gonna use these, use the side cutter to nip off pieces, but leave a little extra. Then get close to the part and get it off. If there is still excess, then use the knife or file. Don't go back and forth since that'll leave an uneven surface.

2. If you want that pro look, you need to sand down w/ the metal file. This will leave scratch marks. But what you do is "fill them in" with a primer. Then you give it maybe 1 or 2 thin layers of paint with a air brush or you could hand brush, and then top coat.

That's a lot of effort. Personally, I just use Gundam Markers to fix nub marks and then if I want, I top coat.
I will have to add that no you don't need to get expensive tools for the best results.
Alot of the tools you can get at local shops will more than likely do the job for you, just as long as it's not dirt and very badly made but you'd be able to notice that when buying them anyway.
However I find that you should find a nice good hobby knife, so spending a tad more on that is good idea but again you really don't need to(you can find good ones for pretty cheap anyway)
Following the guide Obelisk ze Tormentor posted is good start but no need to get the Tamiya stuff if you want to save some money(that stuff can be abit pricey)

For getting rid of nub marks can try this guide out.

Also if your having trouble cutting pieces out of the runners, then I advise to cut the runner up itself into smaller more manageable pieces to handle.
Instead of cutting the piece straight out you can cut away the runner from around off instead but that requires more work(altho putting in lots of tender loving care is part of the hobby)
I just tend to cut up the runners into quarters for easier work.

Great looking AGE-FX custom
Now that is pretty damn cool, Hi-Nu FX?
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