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Originally Posted by xxnike629xx View Post
Those are my issues with PG.

1. Expensive
2. take a long time to come out
3. not many people buy it relative to like SD, HG, MG, and now RG...

Wouldn't it be more cost effective to get rid of PG and work towards improving quality and color separation in SD, RG, HG, and MG?
No this is a line entirely dedicated to the most popular suits at some of the highest quality for those modelers who want the most indepth design they can have.

The other Grades are always being improved upon, that is why we have modelers always talking about how High Grades of today out class early MG's, and how stuff like Nu needs a new MG to keep up with todays quality. There is no reason to drop the PG line just for others. Even if they did drop the PG line, there is no reason to believe that MG's and the rest would suddenly get a quality bump anyway.

Your reasons for the drop of a line that has proven popular and by all account profitable for Bandai are completely selfish and really have no benefit to anyone other then to deprive those who really love the line.

PG's aren't for everyone, but neither should they be dropped because of that. They have their place just as HG, MG, RG, and NG's.
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