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Man, just wow. They should've skipped that entire moonbase arc and actually made this episode into a 3 episode arc instead, you know, have a actual final battle against a known character.

Obright = Top tier badass, motherfucking Genoace, Remy is waiting for you and your awesome sideburns. Too bad it seems asspulled since you didn't actually do much until now, glad you took Fram out though.

Zeheart's character was made into a total fucking retard in this episode, you know, they could've used some of the 34 earlier episodes to develop his character a bit better, show that he regretted things about all his comrades and showing doubt about the plan in general instead of having him do a 180 in the last 4 minutes of the episode. Quality AGE writing strikes again.

Fram = Waah, waah, everythingweassumedcametrue.

Zeheart vs Asemu = Worst rival battle ever (if we can even call it that?). Good to see Asemu kick ass, but sad to see that the final battle i actually cared for ended in less than a minute without much actual fighting taking place.

Kio = as useless as ever. Why couldnt they make him a mechanic or something instead?

Zanald = Why didn't they have Kio kill him off in the previous episode? he served no purpose in this one, lol.

Next episode:




I fully agree with your comment earlier in this thread asking why we should give a shit. lol
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