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Originally Posted by Ruki0089 View Post
I wonder if what happen godou can evolve Vetheragna 10 Incanation
Spoiler for 10:

and godou has goal that to became true Campione
no one can fight Godou if thats really happen
Dude, you have been reading too much DxD. True Campione? True Camel? There's no way he could have powers that are way stronger than what Verethragna was able to do. It would be great alone if he could use his powers freely as Verethragna was able to do so.

Originally Posted by Ken Sanders View Post
Spoiler for Concerns About Godous' Authority:
Dude, Godou has already fought Heracles. In fact, Heracles was the first god he ever fought. He fought Godou under the name of Verethragna.As for Hindu gods, Verethragna is also a hindu god under the name of Indra. Basically, Verethragna is Ares, Heracles, Nergal, Horus and also Indra--much like Perseus is also Mithra,Mithras and Sol Invictus.Also, the problem with Godou is that because of the stringent limitations, most of the time, he does not beat his opponents. He draws most of the time. The only time he actually won decisively on his own against genuine opponents(gods or campiones) were his first fight with Athena, the one with Lancelot and Verethragna .And even then, he had to rely on his followers most of the time to win--which was clearly not an option when a deity notices this in vol nine. Other campiones can usually just solo their opponents.The Black Prince's subordinates always arrive eating dust, the fight over and Alec himself long gone. For this reason, Alec is my favourite campione, not Godou.Persian Warlord is hence a defective authority. Godou needs something that could go the extra mile apart from just drawing.

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