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As someone who was a big fan of the first season, color me greatly disappointed by the first episode of lv2.
Really, this episode has nearly nothing close to the charm the first season had. Well, it was "interesting" to see how Ken went through his studies to get in the student council and all, but his interactions with Minase were borderline painful to watch. Really, there was nearly no flair in their antics, and it basically felt bland.

Meanwhile, I didn't have much complaint for Mafuyu's new voice, but Chizuru is definitely different in a bad way: she hardly gives any "nee-san" vibes in the pack, and it is difficult to imagine the S1 antics with that voice.
Good ol' Kurimi and Minatsu are back, although having them for just few minutes in the first episode isn't quite satisfying. I sure hope it isn't a reboot, otherwise we might get some snorefest...
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