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even though I wasn't the biggest Chizuru fan in S1, I have to agree that her voice is really unfitting. Makes her seem "generic", even though that's a dumb way to put it.
I was fine with Mafuyus voices though, who was actually my favorite in S1. Maybe it's because I already enjoyed her seiyu in SnO and some other shows, but it didn't make me miss her old voice, at least not nearly as much as with Chizuru.

I loved the concept of the 00 episode, even though his classmate who works at the shop was pretty annoying. It was really nice to see how Ken gave his best to join the council and changed as a person overall. I got chills when he opened the door at the end of the first half and confessed his everlasting love to the councils members, already loved that moment in S1.

The song at the ending, dunno if it's actually the OP or whatever, was really great and gave me a typical SnI kind of vibe, which I consider very important. Especially since the art fails a bit to deliver on that aspect, maybe I'm just imagining things, but they totally overdid Kaichous hairstyle for example, I think it was a lot more subtle in the original show. Reminded me kind of a lion.

Seriously, a great start overall. I'm just wondering where they'll pick up with the next episode. If we assume that the previous 12 eps equaled 1 year, then Mafuyu and Minatsu should have to transfer soon if they want to continue the show from where it left off. I hope they won't just ignore stuff like that and go solely with comedy for 12 episodes, SnIs plot/romance is actually pretty awesome and I would like to see it progress somehow - allthough that's probably depending more on the LN. After this first episode I've found hope again that they indeed might not completely ingore it, but let's see how it goes.

Also, hopfefully the raws will show up sooner next week, I really hate streaming sites, allthough there won't be much of a difference in quality with this airing of course.
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