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Originally Posted by teja208 View Post
Thanks for the clearification. No wonder you decided to change your avatar. I'll will be looking forward to the novel version of Shinka whenever you finally done with the editing.
I can't say the avatar change was due to that. I thought a certain scene where it's from would be animated this episode and it wasn't. I wanted to change due to that. The fact that it represents the better Nibutani is an awesome side-effect. Definitely look forward to it and try to think of her as a different character when you read it. Otherwise you'll be too biased to see the differences.

Originally Posted by florza View Post
Think I'll ask Kino to order them or something, once my exams end, if not, I'll do as you advised. Definitely looking forward to it, if the LN is as amusing as the anime (Like the inane stuff that the Jaoushingan and her First Servant get up to, +1 to the imagination battles(mousou batoru?)).
At this point, we don't really have an over-arcing story in the anime, which is something I can't judge yet. The novel started its story much earlier and so it feels more whole (even though it's not that well composed timeline-wise) than the anime does at this moment.

I'm curious if Kino can order them. I know their JP branches don't carry the novel, so I'm not sure if they'll be able to order them. Keep in mind that right now they're pretty much sold out online (both at JBOOK and at KyoAni) so you might have to wait for them to get back in stock. I'm glad to see a lot of interest in them.

Nyahaha! Then we move to round two, Hero! ★
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