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Originally Posted by Hagoshod View Post

That's me nuking your argument.
You know there's a real difference between a brand new fresh recruit signing up for the Imperial Army and instead of being allowed to go train for the Imperials being redirected to the UN 207B training squad along with all the other political hostages, and a commissioned Imperial Royal Guard officer for some reason transferring into the same?

I don't mind you ignoring canon for the sake of fanfics (because really, the point of fanfics is to reject canon and replace it with one's own story), but you really must not be so desperate to vindicate yourself that you have to grasp at thin ice such.

If you're going to suddenly leap on every single little thing you find that you think you might be able to drag out of context and twist into insulting someone who offended you without fully understanding what the argument or your attempted refutal is based on, you're not really going anywhere fast.
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