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Originally Posted by Ichuki View Post
I think it is possible for a character winning Triple Crown is her being popular in Japan, Korea, and internationally of course and not vulnerable to antis at the same time. Since I think an anti-faction of a girl who can potentially win triple crown would ruin her chances of obtaining that title. As for current girls I feel like Noumi of Little Busters might have a chance of winning triple crown but it is pretty low though.
I have strong doubts about Noumi as of this moment, since she had very little screen time so far, what I have seen in that little time feels like rehashed version of existing loli-slightly comedic-innocent girl type that we have been seeing since 1990s, and the Little Busters series as whole doesn't give of any new vibes that could keep people hooked for diverse reasons. Diversity of appeal and depth of plots is important as you can't rely on one or two things to attract enough crowd to vote for you, and you have to satisfy intellectual vanity of the voters to keep them voting for you through all those matches. In my opinion, Little Busters anime series does not offer enough variety of situation and depth of characters to escape being called simple Harem comedy by those who have little knowledge of the VN. Its hope is that it still has more than half of its TVA episodes to develop and evolve.
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