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Originally Posted by Coldlight View Post
Wait. I don't think Nagi Sanzenin has ever faced, or much less lost to someone named Kanade in Saimoe before - including AB's Kanade Tachibana who never got further than the Group Finals Round. Perhaps you meant Nagi's loss to Rika Furude back in Saimoe 2007? Or her loss to Azusa Nakano back in Saimoe 2010?

By controversy, do you mean the current voter loss crisis being faced by the original AST? I don't remember an instance where foreign votes were nullified - because foreign votes were already practically impossible to do after 2010. Before that, foreign votes were still being counted normally as regular votes.

As for the topic, as I mentioned before this crisis being faced by the AST is another threat to the existence of the unofficial Triple Crown of Moe. Only ISML is still in good shape, and even then it may have already peaked in popularity, as mentioned by KholdStare.
Woops! Yes, I got RiKA FuruDE mixed up with a Kanade, no idea where that came from

I remember there was a bit of complaint about that result because apparently the Japanese voters preferred Nagi but the foreign votes swung in favour of Rika.
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