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Originally Posted by Konakaga View Post
Do you really think they'll get the nominations though just based on the fact that's it's coming out next year?; I mean not many of them even made it to the prelims in recent years.

And the real boost from the new series wouldn't necessarily help for earlier phases of ISML. (See Karen and Tsukihi failing to make it before Nise could boost them).
Their greatest hurdle is the nomination stage, which makes their situation very similar to Karen and Tsukihi. At their height, Rozen Maidens could attract 3000+ voters based on their 2008 Super Best Moe Tournament performance. If half of them comes back to ISML, then I would not write them off any stage past prelim. If just 1/10 of them decide to also participate in the nominations, that may be enough to sneak in the prelim.

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