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A maid character that uses incredibly oversized firearms and has a proficiency in combat with them....hmmmmm, now where have I seen this before? Heck she's probably an expy of the robot maid archetype in general. That aside, her quirk of getting off on being relied on by men (or maybe anybody?) is kind of amusing.

Buffalo's power is something I wouldn't have expected enabling him to fly. Pretty unique. I guess this counts as one of the very few known devil fruit powers that allow that now.

And Franky finally appears after god knows how many chapters of mysterious absence. His Iron Shogun mech suit obviously protects him from Shinokuni, but one has to wonder why he's waiting out there. With Oda there has to be a reason.

And Kinemon is dead. That's surprising. I suspect it won't be forever but how the heck is he going to be "revived"?

Anyway, Dressrosa is definitely looking like the next destination. Finally after such a long time since his introduction Doflamingo's going to get an arc villain role.~
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