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Originally Posted by Mr. E View Post
My guess is that Franky is going to get obliterated by Baby 5 and Buffalo (I love Franky, but against two high ranking Dofla officers? No chance.), then Luffy is going to be furious and go after Dofla while Law is more concerned about collecting Caesar.

Either that or Franky will have no idea what is going on and just let them walk away.
I have a strong feeling Baby 5 and Buffalo are considerably weaker than Vergo. After all, Vergo was Dofla's most-trusted subordinate. Within 15 years, he attained VA status and has thus become a noteworthy marine acting as a mole unbeknownst to them. That's some pretty big hype right there, and it's these pieces of info that make him exceptional/set him apart from his peers.

That being said, Franky can probably take either one down by himself. He hasn't made much of an impact in this arc, so now is the perfect opportunity to rectify that.
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