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Am I the only one who's getting slightly annoyed with Luffy's behaviour? I mean, of course, Luffy will be Luffy etc. But even after promising Zoro to get serious, this being the NW and all, he still fucks up and acts like a child in regards to his pact with Law.

I dunno. It ticked me of. Would be great for once to see some form of planning from that idiot. Wouldn't hurt his character development if he does so from time to time. Not too often of course.

The funny thing is, the scene where Luffy made that promise to Zoro was kind of a gag setup in the first place.

I get your point, though. You basically want to see more maturity in Luffy. I remember lots of folks had similar expectations during the chapters leading up to the timeskip. I think I was one of the only few in the minority who believed he wouldn't undergo some big change, though. Being simple-minded is.... just his nature. Plus, it was already established much, MUCH earlier in the series that he wouldn't tolerate people who treat their crew like trash (the Kuro arc, to be more specific). And seeing as Caesar really WAS a huge scumbag anyway, can you really blame Luffy for getting as angry as he did.....?

And honestly, if it's about planning, that's kind of what his crew is there for. Going back to East Blue again, Luffy had already admitted back then that he wouldn't be able to survive without his crew's help. So pardon me if I don't really expect a guy who loudly confessed such flaws to suddenly start formulating his own strategies. Frankly, I'm surprised that he even agreed to Law's alliance proposal on his own!

Originally Posted by Blackbeard D. Kuma View Post
I have a strong feeling Baby 5 and Buffalo are considerably weaker than Vergo. After all, Vergo was Dofla's most-trusted subordinate. Within 15 years, he attained VA status and has thus become a noteworthy marine acting as a mole unbeknownst to them. That's some pretty big hype right there, and it's these pieces of info that make him exceptional/set him apart from his peers.

Honestly, I think it's a little unfair to assume that both Baby-5 and Buffalo are THAT much weaker than Vergo. I mean, I also don't doubt that he's superior to the both of them, but that doesn't have to mean that there's such a huge gap between them (seeing as they're fellow members of Dofla's crew). Especially if the both of them are haki users.... again, I wouldn't doubt that Vergo has more advanced mastery of haki over them, but that doesn't mean that they couldn't use it in some rather unique ways.....

That being said, I'm actually a little surprised that there hasn't been much talk about the following:

-Oda once again making a gag out of something "serious". Last arc we had that whole Sanji nosebleed thing that literally led to a life-or-death situation. Now here we have this whole deal with Baby-5's quirk of being insecure, which results in her losing money AND lovers! And again, such misery is being treated as a gag! Personally, I don't have a problem with it, but considering how many people were griping about Sanji nearly dying from horniness last arc, I'm surprised nobody else has taken issue with Baby-5's plight so far.

-The top hat guy who may or may not be Lucci. Considering how popular he seems to be around these parts, I figured more people would be speculating about how he's potentially become a major force in the NW or something. Personally, I don't care much about the guy myself, but I actually am interested in seeing what became of him and the rest of the old CP9 since that ministory.....

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