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Originally Posted by Richocet View Post
But my main question Hikifune bigger than Rangiku
Donít you worry; I have decided to investigate this. It was hard work, but I am dedicated to answer your question.

First of all, itís important to note that we only have this one picture of Hikifune, where as we have tons of pictures of Matsumoto. When it comes to breast size, angle and clothing can easily deceive you.

To me it seems like Hifikuneís breasts are indeed more round, where as Matsumotoís are much firmer. Overall I think Hifikune is ahead a cup size, but itís very close.

However, Rangiku in her schoolgirl uniform easily mops the floor with Hifikune.

Then again, we donít know how Hifikune would look in the same outfit. Rangiku is apparently pushing them together, and anyone who has basic knowledge of breasts know the effect that can have upon their size.

Youíre welcome!
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