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Well, I went and finished Refrain because the anime was so painstakingly slow. In any case, Refrain was really straight-forward but it really tugged at the right strings. One can never hate a story about friendship.

If there was one thing I felt was missing, it was more brother-sister quarrels/conversations between Rin and Kyousuke. I was expecting her to call him onii-chan at least once too, darn. In any series, the one thing that trumps a side couple for me is a very fun/interactive sibling dynamic.

Didn't particularly feel to involved regarding Riki and the different romances (Haruka was nice though) since I found Kyousuke more endearing as a character.

As for the anime, as long they do Refrain justice and somehow get the Love-Love Hunters in there somehow, I'll be a happy viewer.
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