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Originally Posted by CJ_Walker View Post

That is why I dont really watch anime, and if I didnt know the source material I would have dropped it in the first 4.99 minutes.

unfortunately he doesn't grow out of that stage. ..BUT the rest the story and character are really really awesome. . .like really....

so if you can ignore the hero at those parts, then you're in for a real treat
strange, i remember reading the manga that the hero is quite a badass himself, not only in combat skills but also the way he support the demon queen secretly. Just that he is easy to be embarassed around ladies.

If the manga did portrait the hero correctly and the anime will adapt faithfully just wait for 3-4 ep you will see.

That is really going to test my patience. I could tell the instant I saw his face. I've seen that face before. It is the face of "generic male protagonist."
It is his design to be generic. Ever wondering why they are only regarded as Hero, Demon Queen, Female Knight, Trader .... but not their name?

p/s: nice soundstack at the beginning. Still i prefer the Demon queen design in the manga, cuter and more moe.
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