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Originally Posted by Myssa Rei View Post
Here's a thought: who's paying for Miho's stay at Ooarai? Is she still being supported by her mother in spite of being technically a failure based on the precepts of the Nishizumi school? I mean, it looks to me like she's renting the place she's in right now, and I don't see a 16-year old being able to support herself unless she's been working part-time behind the scenes.
That's actually a pretty good question, considering what we find out later about her initial departure from Kuromorimine. Her mother could have been supporting her at a safe, don't-have-to-associate-with-the-failure-but-she's-still-my-daughter distance. Then Miho rises to prominence in senshado again, causing Shiho to initiate the "I'm disowning you" plan.

...and then probably Miho would have had to look for work.
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