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Well that's a pretty terrible way of categorizing people. I know plenty of people who are extremely unhappy with their lives, yet they have the most motivation of anyone I know; in fact the reason they are motivated is because they are unhappy.
If they have motivation then these people are not unhappy. They are motivated to achieve more happiness. They have an aim.

The point about being happy and unhappy is the main theme in Haganai.
The neighbor's club members are doing the same things like in a therapy group.
A bunch of loners who have low social skills: Being happy and motivated is essential to change into persons who can live like "normals" within the society.

And this is the aim for Sena, but not for Yozora. Yozora made the club so she has a place for herself and Kodaka.

Every conflict with Yozora raises Sena's social skills. Yozora makes fun of her and makes her cry but Sena is so motivated that she always comes back and faces her again.

She faces her anxieties and she always tries again even if she fails. This is exactly how people in those groups learn to overcome their social anxieties in real life. The conflicts with Yozora actually helps Sena to become a "normal". Her confidence rises and at the end Sena only needs one victory to overcome her. Yozora don't challenge her again because she is unhappy and has no motivation.

In the current episode of the Anime show Yozora achieved the knowledge that friends can kiss. Sena already tries it out in the next episode.

Sena was able to speak out loud those erotic lines from the eroge. Her social skills raised again - someone who can do that has enough confidence to talk to people/strangers without getting nervous. And Yozora was the one who forced her to do that.

The current translated chapter from the light novel now shows that Yozora has problems answering a question where you need some basic social skills (a person with friends can answer this question without problems).

Yozora completely relied on her childhood friend card and that was her biggest mistake. She don't have the social skills to form a new friendship with Kodaka.

But this is not only Yozora's problem - it was the same for Rika and Yukimura. They are socially awkward, they just don't now what to do! They can only watch helpless how Sena is able to improve her relationship with Kodaka, because she always tries out those things she just learned.

A social outcast who really wants to live a "normal" life with friends must be happy and very motivated to achieve this goal.

The author of the story also was once a friendless outcast with bad habits, negative thinking, and in his story he describes what to do to get out of this hole.
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