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Once again with the shipping lenses... But you are forgetting some major things, you mistake optimism as social ability, which is simply incorrect. Answer me this, if Sena has such amazing social prowess as you claim then where are her friends outside the Club?
They were alone the whole time, they have to refresh their social skills to make friends.

People who are always alone are used to think about themselves. Friendship starts with the thought about another person. If they can't think about other people they can't even start a relationship.

And you're kind of missing the whole point of the series. The theme of the story is not that you have to be "happy" in order to be friends, its more like you don't exactly have to be "normal" in order to make friends. The Neighbor's club is filled with abnormal people, yet they are still friends despite not being a "normal". The author is saying you don't have to fit in with some perceived vision of normalcy to make friends.
You are not thinking about the aim of the club. They want to be "Riajuu" = normal people who can live a fulfilled life in society.

You are not thinking about the author. The author HAD bad habits, WAS negative thinking and WAS friendless. He don't have this flaws anymore and he has friends now. He became a normal person.

Forgive me, but this show is not intended to end up with the message that antisocial people can make friends. Antisocial people can only dream about leading a happy life, as long as they are not starting to work on themselves and change.

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