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Don't forget the continuation to Little Busters, which Warner Bros. and J.C. STAFF will produce at some point down the road. Fall seems like a good time.
Yup, this is what I was going to say too. My guess is that Railgun might take the 22:30 Saturday Tokyo MX timeslot that Little Busters is currently using for the Spring and Summer (or I guess it could take the Friday 24:30 slot from Jojo), and then Little Busters will be back next Fall for its second half. In 2014, barring other series taking precedence, you could have Accel World II (which J.C.Staff does Compositing/Effects work for) and Index III. Of course that doesn't mean that some of these things couldn't happen at once, but it would seem to make sense in terms of major Warner franchises produced by Kawamura. (Though Index/Railgun still seems to be connected to Geneon as well on the music side.)
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