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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
You're right. That's why I put my edit in - Unfortunately, it didn't get in quick enough, lol.

I think it might be good if more harem anime showed the male lead fantasizing about one or more of the girls in his show. That would be a good way to show that he's a "normal, hotblooded male", imo.
Oh, sorry. Now I see your post.

And to sum myself up, my main point is that Im annoyed by plain (at best) guys having a bunch of could do way better girls on him (a few, okay, but that many??), and then he whines and screams instead of, like, telling them that molesting him isnt cool or enjoying it. It also often plays into that stupid rule that girls can hit guys, b/c everyone knows women are infinitely weaker beings who cant possibly hurt men, so shut up and take all that "abuse".

The reason Im annoyed is because it seems like, and probably is, self-insert shit (either on the authors part or intended for the audience to do so). And for the record, thats the same reason I hate the main character in Twilight, shes an annoyingly bland "I dont care about anything" character who mysteriously manages to get every hot guy she meets to fall for her by doing nothing. Cool if thats what you like, but I cant and dont want to project myself onto fictional characters I didnt make up.
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