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Well that was definitely a trip into bizarro world right there. I got a good kick out of them turning out to be Japanese, some of whom never stepped a foot out of their home towns, but I'm not entirely sure what to think of them being treated as quirky just because they look foreign. It definitely wasn't ill-intentioned or anything so it's nothing close to racism but it can be a little awkward, especially when it gets to scenes where the foreign-looking club talks about being "put in their place" after their loss (I hope that was just bad translation), or when the Karuta club writes a (still well intentioned) message for them in English even when it's already been established that English is just as alien to the foreign looking players as it is to them.

I've only occasionally been in these situations, such as when a stranger thanks me in Urdu, assuming that I have a proficiency in it, but i just take them in good faith because that's the way they're intended so at the end of the day it's not a big deal (Plus it helps that i actually do have a certain degree of proficiency in it. XP).
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