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Originally Posted by Eratas123 View Post
You know, all of us seem to have forgotten the concept we all loved before: Badass Normals. Nowadays every male we use is either an augmented clone, a kamen rider, a power armor substitute wearer etc etc. It's kinda sad that the tank bred clone implanted with combat strategies is actually the most normal thing in comparison to everybody else.
Nonsense comment:

Vantier is a remote control drone...... being control by a normal human being. So technically speaking Cyril is a coward who hide behind the line. Though the problem is Vantier is pretty abnormal on its own so... no count.

On the other hand.... Can a normal IS pilot actually be considered Badass Normal when she is facing off those abnormal stuff like above?

Some sense inserted comment:

You mad bro? (-_-|||)

There is certain limit a normal human being could humanly do. Fighting IS is probably not one of them. At the very best they could only distract the IS until the real firepower(most likely another IS) arrive.

Badass normal may be fun to do but probably not here.

In IS where the power armor can shrug off conventional weapons such as tank and missile.....

What make you think your normal knife and gun is going to work?
(note: The key word is normal, no access to special weapons. Only conventional tools which mentioned in canon, doesn't work)

In other Anime, totally possible:
>To-Aru's level 0 are Badass Normal. Esper, magicians are still humans. A bullet in the head = death.

>Hidan No Aria, just give your character quick wits (opponents are mostly humans will work out some how because no matter how fast your opponent is, they can never outrun(not dodge) bullets (lots of them))

The bottom line is: If opponent can be beheaded/beat/shot/stab to death. You can create Badass normal character.


Edit (after some thoughts):

There is a way to Badass normal character...

Employing Dirty tactics which make people go:


Not to mention, god-awful anti-climatic and boring because your typical IS pilot is just a normal person.

Felt almost like rape. Seriously.

Moar Edit:
I think what we really need, is to break the through the sheer amount of Male-ness and see through female's eyes instead. We never get to see their side of the story. We keep getting people waving male pride (more and more people doing that. Shamefully, includes me) but nobody bother to consider that females can also be a victim of the new social system.

(psst... I think male rage is the reason why we are getting more and more people on this boat even though it is actually a little bland compared to other anime)

Probably a cool and caring male character(think of a typical Shojo manga Good Guy) who has little to do with IS, (probably unsuitable to be main character)
your typical wimpy male character but has emotional connection with IS pilots. (warning: This one very hard to write)

might actually be the closest we can get to Badass normal....without fighting.

If you can do awesome stuff without fighting.... you are not awesome.


Even Sun Tzu approve.
Ara Han

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